If what you’re craving is an emotionally positive track that features vibrant vocals that are sure to send shivers down your spine, then we think this just may be the song for you. ”

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“Say What You Want” available everywhere now!

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My newly anticipated single is out now and I  cannot wait  to hear your opinion on this one. I wrote this song as an outlet, a way to express how I was feeling. I tried with all my might to make the person see my side of the story, but she refused to hear me out and instead chose to look the other way. I wanted this song's message to state that I tried to make things work, but if she refused to loosen up a little then it just wasn't going to work. And it didn't. 

Also, my other singles "Not Enough" and "Be Mine"  are also available everywhere now. "Not Enough" racked up 200+ plays in its first week upon release and was added to the "Breakthrough Artist" playlist, ran by Talent Unsigned. It has received much applause from multiple sources. "Be Mine" was added to 27 playlists within its first month of release and received multiple, positive reviews.


"Rachael Wood finds space to exhibit the versatility of her style through Slash-style soaring guitar solos that won’t fail to leave you arrested as you appreciate the bluesy sleazy grit in the otherwise sticky sweet-soundscape." - A & R Factory 

Life Won't Stop Me...

I started working on music officially when the COVID pandemic hit. I was out of work, granted unemployment, and instead of saving this money (like a smart person) or buying ridiculous things, I invested in myself and my music. My dad and I started recording on simple equipment in the middle of our living room. We had no idea what we were doing. We just wanted to put stuff out there and see if people would listen. None of this stuff was professionally mastered, but we were learning and we were trying.

Then, I went back to work, and eventually school, both full time. It was a lot harder to focus on my music and juggle a social life and my one true love. However, my dad and I stuck by it. We found a way to make it work. We may not be focused on it 100% all day, every day, but we do find time to visit and collaborate throughout the week. 

It was when I became a member of this group on Facebook that I came across an opportunity. They had this thing called "Featured Friday" and I decided to throw my stuff out there, not because it matched the genre at all, but because any publicity is good publicity. It caught the eye of a producer, who had been in the scene a very long time, who decided to take a chance on this girl and produce her first, official single -  now available everywhere. Be on the look out for new releases coming soon!

Much love,