A little about me...

Born in Massachusetts, but raised in East Texas, I always had this dream of becoming somebody my parents and future children would be proud of. I always dreamed of becoming a singer, you can ask my mom. Growing up, I was always singing, always writing. It was my niche, my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. I even performed concerts in my bedroom in front of my mirror, pretending that I was somebody people knew. I never thought I would be anything else. 

Yet, when you have no idea where to start, these dreams start to fade. However, nothing I pursued felt right. I went to college, changed my major 6 times because nothing even came close to making me feel how my music makes me feel. I had actually stopped writing and singing for 3 years because I didn't know how to approach the scene and I figured that if I wasn't famous by 18, then it would never happen for me. But, that's quitter's talk and I didn't want to go through life without even trying.

The global pandemic was a lifesaver, which sounds kind of terrible when I say that. But, for me, it was a light in the darkest of times. If it weren't for me losing my job, I would have never even considered home production. I never would have considered asking the one person I looked up to my entire life to help me produce my music for the world to hear. So, I purchased a studio microphone, a guitar plug in and Logic Pro X and my dad  and I got to work. 

I caught the eye of a producer in the UK through a Facebook group. He liked what he heard and inquired about helping me mix and master my tracks. I sent him one, he got it ready, I fell in love with the mix and then I hired him to be my official producer. And because of that, I feel even more confident about my upcoming career and feel as if my fans will see that come through as well.

I'm not 100% sure of my future. No one is. But I do know that if I put in the effort, trust God and everyone around me who are helping and rooting for my success, that those dreams I had as a little girl will become a reality. I have no doubt.


Things to Be recognized

2000+ streams on released music without promotion

Sang National Anthem at high school homecoming game for 3000+ people

Won singing competition with 2 Evanescence songs

Auditioned for both American Idol and The Voice

Performed in countless talent shows / competitions